About Clara

Dementia is the fastest growing major cause of disability globally. Its early stages are characterized by cognitive decline, therefore early detection is crucial for changing its trajectory.

The cognitive assessment tools available today do not identify dementia on time. They are expensive, inaccurate, and time consuming.

Now with Clara, cognitive decline can be easily detected at an early stage. Performing the test periodically can help doctors monitor their patients’ cognitive status and alert them when a patient's cognitive abilities have declined.

Clara is

A Time-Saver 

Clara saves valuable time for the doctor, as the patient can perform the test in the clinic waiting room, or even at home.


As Clara grows, its ability to provide doctors with more accurate classification scores is enhanced. Tell your friends about us and keep using Clara periodically to help us develop an efficient tool in the fight against dementia!


Clara is HIPAA compliant, the world's leading standard for information security and privacy. We use anonymized data to make the app smarter, but we will never sell, rent, or share your personal health information.

The science behind

The scientific foundation of Clara is the Orientation Neural Network - a network of brain areas that are activated together when we are thinking about our environment in relation to ourselves.

The cognitive faculty of orientation includes navigating in space, keeping track of events and recognizing people and social connections.

A decrease in orientation abilities is the core deficit of Alzheimer's disease - the most common form of dementia. Indeed, as recent research suggests, it is the Orientation Network that is mainly affected in Alzheimer’s disease.

Clara uses a simple task involving events, places, and people from one’s life, to assess the health of the Orientation Network in the brain.

Our team

Clara is developed by the Computational Neuropsychiatry lab of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. We are a team of neurologists, psychologists and computer scientists dedicated to translate the latest findings in the field of cognitive neuroscience to useful clinical tools for the benefit of the Alzheimer’s community.