About Clara

Is Clara free of charge?

Yes! Clara is dedicated to advanced research on Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. We are not a commercial company, but a digital tool for academic purposes.

How does Clara work?

Clara first analyzes the information it gathers to create a personalized, ecologically valid orientation test. Then, Clara compares your test score to test scores of people ranging over the Alzheimer’s disease spectrum to help your doctor with the diagnosis.

Can Clara diagnose whether I have Alzheimer’s disease?

Clara is a tool that may help your doctor reach a diagnosis, but a diagnosis cannot be reached solely by Clara’s test score. Taking the test on Clara frequently may help your doctor identify a decline in your cognitive status at an early stage, to which he/she may invite you for further tests at his/her discretion.

How may I contact Clara?

We would love to hear your thoughts or questions. Just send us an email to

Using Clara

I want to use Clara. How do I receive a token, which enables taking the test?

Contact your doctor to issue a token for the app. Clara is currently exclusive for partnered doctors and their patients only.

With which devices may I use Clara?

Clara is currently supported for Android devices (tablets and smartphones), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. iOS devices will be available in the near future.

Can a family member or friend help me answer the questions?

Of course. If you feel a family member or friend may help you answer the questions during the chat, you are most welcome. During the test we ask that you tackle this by yourself.

How frequently should I retake the test on Clara?

We advise taking the test on Clara routinely every 4 months.

Security & Privacy

How does Clara protect my personal health data?

We take your privacy very seriously. Clara meets HIPAA guidelines for privacy protection by implementing robust security measures powered by Guardicore. You may read more about our privacy policy here.

What will you do with my personal data?

All names, events, and locations gathered through Clara are used solely for the purpose of creating a personalized orientation test. We do not provide any type of access to your personal data to any third party. Your test scores may be viewed only by your doctor and are used for research purposes only.

Do you pass my data to third parties like pharmaceutical companies?

Absolutely not. The data collected by Clara is used strictly for research purposes. All users remain anonymous during data analysis.

Can I request that you delete all my data?

Yes you can. Nonetheless, we are sorry that you wish to say goodbye. Just a reminder - all data collected through Clara is later anonymized for the research analyses. If you wish us to erase your information please inform us at our email